Sunday, September 21, 2003

Last Night was the best man!! Funnest time of my life! Made me ferget a whole bunch of sh** goin on in my life rite now. Everything that nite was so much fun.. cept when Connie pulled weird an said that she would kick my ass if I came near her again.. that started a whole bunch of sh** with people. I dont even know why she said that.. she said it was a joke but im not too sure. Haha i shoulda got my mack on man!! Next time tho, next time. It also made me stop thinkin about the one thing ive had stuck in my mind lately... Kyle. Im gunna miss him so much! I barely getta see him an hang out with him.. an now that im gunna be up at the acreage its gunna be even worse! I'll be lucky if i get to see him 5 times in the next 2 months! Hes the best guy ever! hes perfect.. everything i want in a guy.. an more!! Thats why its so hard tho.. i hate it but what can you do?

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